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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ann Demeulemeester's Film SS12 Short

Here at the Slow Textiles Group we have been thinking about the importance of having a philosophy to your practice. Much like yoya or song, if there is a genre, a philosophy, a mindful context/style/framework to the work that you do, the thoughts that you develop and the sweat that you perspire, then the work has longevity and meaning.

If it doesn't have this, then it fades. The impetus has nothing to hold it in place.

Our role here is to illuminate the philosophy. That is our work. That is why we have created the Slow Design School, a place to learn, discover and feel out the philosophy.

The beauty of Ann Demeulemeester's video is in it's simple truth.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Remembering Alexander McQueen circa 1998

Today we feel a nostalgia for early McQueen, in memory of the richness of his Autumn Winter colours, fabrics and textures and grandiose, crafted statements. There is a wealth of vision and depth of feeling that is timeless. As is the case with the best.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Learn to print silk and exhibit with the Slow Textiles Group in 2012!!

Silk print designed by Maria Genco, 2011.

Silk print designed by Pamela Schwartz, 2011.

These examples were created by the Born To Be Wild Group, a co-design group especially set up with the V&A Design & Interpretation Division and Slow Textiles Group members' company, The People Print!

Book yourself a place on any of our afternoon HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS (for example, Organic Geometrics (code W25), 1920s Parisian Pochoir Designs (code W26) or Pop Art Geometrics (code W27)) and learn how to print your own silk (from just £40)!

Sunday, 1 January 2012



"We have left it so late to put our human house in order, that the only strategy left is that of positive deviance. We can't wait for the international treaties, institutional reform or wise government leadership that will be too long coming.

"The only option is for as many people as possible to get on and do the right thing - wherever we are. It is a very positive revolution: against everything that leads back to behaviours that caused the ecological and economic breakdown in the first place, and for a stampede towards a future that puts improving the quality of life for people and the environment as the primary purpose of everything we do."