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Online Attendance Tickets are available for your convenience from just £25 (Slow Textiles Group Members' price).  We use Google+ Hangout  which is easy to use (all you need is a Google+ account).  Alternatively, come to the London studio to gain the full experience of an exciting professional textile design studio, personal tutoringgroup experience and learningSlow Textiles handouts and realia, new work made with professional materials, embodied knowledge, networking, a glass of wine and refreshments fun from just £25 (Slow Textiles Group Members' price)!

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Fab New Live Online Design Workshops - Next One is the Awesome Celia Birtwell-inspired Floral Textiles Workshop on 27th Sep 2014!

You can now attend all our workshops and seminars from the comfort of your computer, laptop or tablet wherever you are - you don't have to be in our London studio..but it's as if you are! 

In the image above you can see part of the Photoshop tutorial for The 1920s-inspired Geometric Florals Workshop that took place on 29th June 2014 with three participants online.

Tutor, Emma Neuberg, was in the final stages of the Photoshop tutorial before demonstrating how to change the colours of geometric floral designs quickly and easily, as illustrated on the original workshop flier:

To start with, participants in the studio and at home had painted floral watercolours in a geometric style after instruction from Emma.  We can see a few examples of those created in the studio here:

And those created by participants live online:

Here's an image Susana shared live online (from Spain) as she learnt to transform her painting into a perfect repeat pattern in Photoshop:

And here's the design that one of the studio participants' created from her painting (see the first watercolour above) having just put it into a perfect repeat pattern with some colour alterations:

Here's the lovely sample we then digitally printed on linen! We were busy!

And here's the creator herself trying her printed silk version on for size - all the while, being transmitted live online for all the others to see, share and comment on!

At the end of all our workshops, everyone has time to think about how they might develop their new skills and ideas beyond the class. And this is the striking fashion print idea that Susana came up with and shared with the group live online - the 1920s-inspired Geometric Floral all-in-one! Wow!

As members of the Slow Textiles Group, participants were then invited to develop their visions further and submit more concluded designs for the group's next book  - there's nothing like a deadline to motivate! So, here are some of them on page 108 of The Geometrics - Volume 2: Textiles Experiment Research Vision, the Slow Textiles Group's brand new book that you can now buy here!

AND, if you like the look of this workshop, you'll love the next one, The Celia Birtwell-inspired Floral Textiles Workshop, taking place 27th September 2014 live online and in the London studio!